Welcome to Mathcraft!

Mathcraft is a design-based curriculum that is applicable for grades 3rd through 7th. In Mathcraft, students and teachers will rewrite the textbook in Minecraft by building and creating games and structures that are models for Common Core Math Standards.

The History of Mathcraft

Mathcraft was created by Jim Pike while working as a 3rd grade teacher at Ascension Catholic School in South Central Los Angeles. In 2013, Ascension Catholic school adopted the Common Core Standards and the school's already outdated text books were now obsolete. To combat this problem, Ascension had Jim set up and run the Learn by Gaming Minecraft Pilot Project. Jim soon realized how powerful Minecraft was as a learning tool for math. This is because the blocks in the game could be re-imagined as math manipulatives to build structures that act as conceptual models that prove and show the practical application of the Common Core Math Standards.

Jim gave his class the Design Goal to write a new kind of "math book" using Minecraft. Over the course of the year the 3rd grade class's benchmark test scores went from 18% to 84% in Math and 24% to 81% in English Language Arts. Furthermore, the class made lessons for all of 3rd grade math standards and were working on structures for lesson modules all the way up to middle school standards. Here is a two-minute video that tells the story of the class that made MathCraft.

Currently, the Mathcraft curriculum is being conducted through CodeRevKids Learning Center , Rio Hondo College and Albert Einstein Academy. Due to the overwhelming demand from teachers across the country for access to Mathcraft lessons and Teacher Professional Development materials, CodeRevKids commissioned the creation of this wiki.

Reasoning for and How to Use the Mathcraft Wiki


Think of this wiki as a guild for teachers using Minecraft in their classrooms. Our goal is two-fold:

  • We hope educators will learn the skills needed for "Mathcrafting" in order to design their own Mathcraft Curricula and...
  • They'll share their own curriculum and best practices on this wiki, making this place your one-stop shop for teaching math in Minecraft!


We’ve chosen to create the Mathcraft Professional Learning community to encourage educators like us to use Minecraft to teach math in class during the school day. We encourage exploration, and for you to email us here with user-generated content. Lessons are organized in two sections -- under Lesson Plans and in the Common Core Standards Alignment page. All lessons are tagged with all of their corresponding Common Core Standards. If a teacher needs to teach or reteach a standard, they can search for the lessons in the Standard Alignment page. This allows freedom for teachers to navigate their own scope and sequence through the standards.

Flexibility of Lessons

The lessons we've developed can be facilitated across a vast range of grade levels. The same structures can represent math concepts at various depths of knowledge. This benefit of Mathcraft will make it much simpler to differentiate classroom lessons or activities because the students can explore different standards while working on the same structure.


Come Create With Us!

This wiki is a living document being constantly updated by the people who use it. As a classroom creates and modifies original and preexisting lessons, they are encouraged to take part in the continuous design of the curriculum by posting their lesson and videos to be used as resources for other Mathcrafters!

Common Core Standards Alignment

Our lesson plans are aligned to Common Core Math Standards, 3rd through 8th. Organized by grade level, domain, and standard ID, you'll see how and why we've mapped our lessons and other structures we've built in Minecraft to the Common Core.

Alignment to Common Core Math Standards

Lesson Plans

Our lesson plans span 3rd -7th grade, and are aligned to Common Core Math Standards for these grades. By clicking on an individual lesson, you will see a table with standards broken down by grade level that apply to that lesson.

Algebra Architecture: Expressions & Equations

Algebra Architecture is a series of lesson plans in which students use perimeter, area, and other formulas to build their Minecraft town! Each lesson plan consists of about 2-3 50-minute sessions and follows the same general structure: students are given a design challenge to build a structure in Minecraft, must use algebraic equations to solve for it, and the facilitator models the challenge if necessary. Although each lesson builds on the one before it, both in math content and narrative, they're modular in nature -- you can choose which ones you want to start with and even skip around!

STEAM Activity: History of Jamestown

This is a cross-curricular and project-based activity that integrates American history, ELA, math, geography, and film making in Minecraft! We recommend going through The History of Jamestown after the other Algebra Architecture lesson plans, which can be viewed below.

Crafting Calculator

Click the title to access this full lesson plan

Note: If the class will be building their town in Survival mode, begin with this lesson. If in creative mode, begin with the "Building a Basic House" lesson (recommended for Minecraft beginners).

Crafting Calculator Standards Alignment

Building a Basic House

Click the title to access this full lesson plan

Building a Basic House Standards Alignment

Building a Road

Click the title to access this full lesson plan

Building a Road Standards Alignment

Making a Farm

Click the title to access this full lesson plan

Making a Farm Standards Alignment

Building a Parthenon

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Building a Parthenon Standards Alignment

Sample of Student Work:

Sophie's Safe House Lesson

Multi-digit Multiplication Structures

These lesson plans focus on multiplying multi-digit numbers, showing different representational models for the same concept. They can be facilitated in conjunction with one another, or you can choose which one is more suited for your class.